#StayInTouch Program

The #StayInTouch Program is a Non-profit initiative, designed and conceived by the iLoveDiamonds team to extend support to the jewellery industry during this crisis. This initiative is supported by Mr. N. Anantha Padmanaban, Chairman of the All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council, as he believes that it is time for all the retailers to act towards solutions. We have introduced 12 Digital & Marketing services for jewellery retailers with the core objective of showcasing their ready inventory digitally and connecting with their customers sensitively. In crisis like these, every brand must show its human face to the buyers and retailers must adopt digital platforms to have a better reach & efficiency.


“Prepare yourself to showcase your inventory and connect with buyers, the more time we lose, the worse impact we will have.”

Mr. N. Anantha Padmanaban

- Chairman, All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council

- MD, NAC Jewellers, Chennai


“Get E-Ready, Get Future Ready. It is time to act, get your business fit for the current situation.”

Mr. Pankaj Kamal Chetan

- Founder & CEO

iLoveDiamonds.com, Chennai

- MD, Khwaahish Diamonds

Businesses are impacted because of Covid-19 and it is not going to be the same as before. All family run retailers are suggested to use all online & offline channels available till we reach a substantial recovery. Every possible attempt must be exercised that could help liquidate some of our ready inventory & help us face the coming 6-12 months of challenges.

“You cannot afford NOT being in touch with your customers for ~6 months. Don't lose them to Competitive Brands.”

We believe that the vaccines for Covid-19 are at least 6-12 months away and retailers must also prepare themselves digitally at par with other consumer segments. We also invite other industry members to participate in providing any non-profit solutions like these that could make a difference.

“People Talk, Great People Think, Smart People Act”


  1. Vaccines are 6-12 months away, so is the Business Normalcy
  2. Sales can be Unpredictable & could be as low as 25% to 50%
  3. Organized Sector & Other Consumer Segments will get more Aggressive Digitally

To-Do on Top Priority:

  1. Showcase your Ready Inventory
  2. Start Adopting all Digital Formats
  3. Consumer Connect is Vital
  4. Consumer Communication must be Sensitive

#StayInTouch Program

  1. Use our Tech Platform
  2. Showcase your Inventory
  3. Get our Marketing Service

Our Offerings

  1. Get a Dedicated Webpage for YOUR brand showcasing YOUR products
  2. Share YOUR designs only with YOUR Prospective Customers
  3. Mobile & Desktop Compatible platforms
  4. Helping you connect with your customers with the Right Message & Meaningful Videos
  5. Integrate YOUR direct Whatspp Number for client enquires
  6. Maintenance, testing & server Costs Included
  7. NO CAPITAL INVESTMENTS, avail Technology & Marketing services at ₹6000/month + GST

#StayInTouch Program

7 Easy Steps to Get Your
Webpage Ready

For any queries on

The #StayInTouch Program



  • 1. Are these 12 Digital & marketing services permanent?

    This is an honorary service for ~6 months, extended to support our jewellery industry during the Covid Crisis. Retailers who want to design their permanent digital platform, Website or their Social Media Strategy can contact us at wecare@ilovediamonds.com

  • 2.Can you help us design our own website?

    Yes, we have an in-house team of tech experts who can help you design your own website. For further details, you could get in touch with us at wecare@ilovediamonds.com

  • 3.Who will handle our Social Media Marketing?

    Currently for the #StayInTouch Program, we can provide consultancy on managing your social media marketing and on a case to case basis we can handle the marketing activities. Should you need a long term marketing strategy you could get in touch with us at wecare@ilovediamonds.com for details on our Digital Partnership Program.

  • 4.I already have a website; can these services be integrated to my website?

    We have an in-house team of tech experts who can assist you on creating a new website, however this #StayInTouch Program is a TOP priority initiative for the our jewellery industry & the same may not be available for us to integrate on your website. Nonetheless, we can provide you a link for the same that you could use it on your website.

  • 5.Can customers directly pay online?

    Since this #StayInTouch Program is focused on connecting with your customer & showcasing your inventory, the customer will have to book the product over a call with you & make the payment at the store or through any other mode of payment that you offer to your customers.

  • 6.Will you deliver our products directly to customers?

    Since all the products listed under the #StayInTouch Program is available at your store readily, the customer will have to collect the products from your store, or you could offer them a home delivery.

  • 7.Can I directly add/remove products on the page?

    Since our servers have the products of multiple retailers, you could connect with our team to get any changes done on your listings.

  • 8.How much time will it take to activate the webpage?

    We have an in-house team of tech experts which can service 20-25 retailers every week on first come, first served basis. The Dedicated Web-Page will commence only after the Payment is received and the basic 7 steps are completed from your end. Know more on the pricing & steps.

Kindly Contribute Towards The GJC RELIEF FUND to aid and help our valued Karigars and Artisans to fight Covid 19.

-Mr. Ananatha Padmanaban, GJC Chairman.

Bank Account Details..
  • Account Name

    : GJC Relief Fund,
  • Account No.

    : 3132752530,
  • Bank

    : Central Bank of India,
  • IFSC Code

    : CBIN0280616
  • Bank Branch and City

    : Lower Parel Branch,
For any queries contact Venkat, GJC - 9841746980

#StayInTouch Program

7 Easy Steps to Get Your
Webpage Ready