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A diamond is considered an intimate investment, whether it is a diamond necklaces studded with flawless stones or a simple solitaire diamond pendant. Nothing screams commitment or undying love like heart shaped diamond jewellery from I Love Diamonds

Hearts Shaped Diamonds Are A Labour Of Love

The heart cut is undeniably the most romantic cut of diamond. Created by an extra indentation at the top of a pear cut diamond, the delicate precision required to accomplish this cut before the invention of modern cutting equipment have made these unique stones highly prized throughout history.

As Unique As Your Heart, Heart Shaped Diamonds Are Made To Shine

Each heart shaped diamond is as unique as its wearer, with some may be longer and slimmer and others being noticeably fatter. Heart diamonds also require customers to consider larger sized stones than other cuts as a larger diamond gives a more defined shape and flat stones may diminish sparkle. I Love Diamonds recommends its customers to choose a plump stone with an even, well-defined outline for the maximum sparkle. Symmetry is exceedingly important with heart cut diamonds as this is what allows each heart lobe to shine evenly and produces an otherwise pleasing visual effect. With 59 facets, the heart cut diamond has the same brilliance as a round cut diamond but has the additional benefit of standing out from the crowd.

Choosing And Wearing Your Heart Cut Diamond Jewellery

Heart diamond jewellery have, historically, been used as symbols of affection and were exchanged among the upper echelons of class. Later, they were given as birthday or Valentine’s or birthday gifts, symbolizing love in its purest forms. During this period, the artistry required to create a precise cut made it a perfect candidate for pendants and earrings rather than engagement rings. Today, the sentimental shape and the utter brilliance of this cut have still made it a popular choice of pendants, giving the term sweetheart a new meaning, as well as in the form of solitaire engagement and wedding rings. Let your love story start today with heart shaped diamond jewellery from I Love Diamonds.
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