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Once considered to be the most valuable gem in the world, the pearl may not hold that particular title anymore but it is still considered to be the oldest gem. I Love Diamonds takes this age old gemstone and turns into a fresh tour de force.

I Love Diamonds’ Pearl Jewellery Offers Something For Everyone

The pearl is different from other gemstone in the fact that it was produced by a living creature, something that is never found anywhere else in nature. Cultured pearls can be formed by implanting a crystal seed or grain into mollusks though this process happens naturally with freshwater, uncultured pearls. The creation of the pearl by this method has given it a place of importance in many religious practices even today.

Pearls Have Been A Favourite Of The Gods

Take any religion, from mainstream Christianity and Hinduism to Shamanism and Zoroastrianism, and you will find some mention of pearls being priceless jewels fit for Gods or kings. In fact, there are so many tales tied to the power of the pearl and its link with the moon that five months of the year have claimed it as their official birthstone throughout history. In Asia, pearls are used to honour the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, when asking for assistance in achieving monetary goals. The Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, is a great healer and protector of women. Many cultures honour her by creating an altar of pearls and lavender jade so that she may work her wonders in their lives.

Wearing Pearl Jewellery Is A Mark Of Uncommon Sophistication

There is something so intricately pretty about wearing pearls that no other jewellery can imitate. A string of flawless pearls across a throat has always been a beautiful sight. From simple chokers to long, multi-string arrays, I Love Diamonds has a variety of classical and modern styles just for you. In fact, some of their styles, like their pearl rings an pearl necklaces are crafted from a combination of pearls, gold and glittering diamonds to create diamond jewellery that have a touch of the divine.
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