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A Halo setting is used to describe a diamond that is encircled by smaller diamonds. This effect gives a shine and a brilliance that is rarely matched by a single diamond. I Love Diamonds has an exquisite collection of halo rings and diamond jewellery just for your angel.

Halo Diamond Rings That Are Beyond Heavenly

Ranging from classical styles to more edgy modern ornaments, the halo style of diamond setting has taken over all forms of jewellery. Surrounding a smaller diamond with pave diamonds can make it look bigger. Because the setting is usually done using white gold, the actual housing blends into the background, yet provides it the best backdrop for the ultimate sparkle. Halo designs traditionally feature a cushion cut or round diamond. These diamonds have a romantic look making them perfect for wedding and engagement rings. This vintage setting that was first introduced in the 18th century has gained popularity because they can make smaller diamonds look bigger and brighter.

Glisten Like A Second Sun With Halo Diamond Jewellery

It is natural that the lustre of many stones is greater than that of a single stone, which is how the halo setting achieves its brilliance. The halo setting is perfect for the person who loves more than a little ostentatious sparkle. I Love Diamonds offers a vast range of diamond jewellery that incorporates this look. From beautiful halo diamond earrings to lovely diamond pendants, there is something for everyone. While the halo setting is traditionally with diamonds, more modern settings can incorporate a dash of colour from precious and semi-precious stones in the case of statement jewellery such as diamonds rings or diamond pendants.

A Halo Wedding Ring For An Angel

She is beautiful, smart and funny, a combination that is rarely seen. You sometimes wonder if she is really from this world. It sometimes feels like forever is too short a time to show her how much you appreciate her. Set in 18K gold with three colour options, I Love Diamonds offers the perfect choice for the woman who seems to have fallen from the skies just for you.
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