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More than 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide are the round shaped diamonds. I Love Diamonds uses this most brilliant of cuts in diamond ring, diamond pendants and many other diamond jewellery forms.

The Brightest Diamond Is Always A Round Cut Diamond

Nowadays, the round or brilliant cut, as it is also known, is create by 58 cuts along the crown and pavilion Due to the structure of the diamond at a microscopic level, the round diamond cut is considered superior on a refractive scale to more fancy diamond cuts and shapes. This is simply because this cutting technique allows a greater reflection of light, which in turn maximizes the potential brightness of the diamond. Round diamonds actually do cost more per carat than most fancy shapes basically for two reasons, the first one being that the demand for flawless round diamonds is extremely high and the second is that the yield is comparatively low. Because more of the rough stone the diamond is created from is lost during the cutting process of a round diamond, the cost of each carat will be higher by about 25-35% than a fancy cut of the same weight.

How To Pick Round Diamond Rings And Other Diamond Jewellery

A round cut can sometimes enhance the brilliance of a lower colour grade stone, a feat which fancy cut cannot perform. Because of this, if you in a tight budget but still want a big stone, round cut diamonds are the answer. These diamonds exhibit the optimum brilliance and fire and brilliance but stays within your budget.

I Love Diamonds’ Round Cut Diamond Jewellery Surpasses All Others

I Love Diamonds recommends selecting a diamond with an excellent symmetry, cut and polish. If you are searching for that perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring, the round cut diamond encompasses the beauty of a thousand smaller diamonds in a single one.
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