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With brilliance comparable to the round cut and a unique shape, the pear cut diamond is an attractive choice as the central solitaire in a wedding band. I Love Diamonds offers buys a plethora of jewellery choices in this timeless diamond shape.

Pear Shaped Diamonds Are Just A Cut Above The Rest

The Pear cut is a tear-like shaped cut which fuses the round base of a round cut with the tapered tip of a marquise cut, creating the shape of a typical tear. The brilliant sparkle coupled with the unusual shape is certainly intriguing. Depending on the jewellery, some can be squat while others may have a longer profile making it difficult to find the perfect crafted pear cut that strikes the right balance for the customer to feel truly satisfied. First conceived by the famed jeweller, Lodewyk van Bercken, in the 1400s, this relatively new shape is designed to exhibit the high level of skill by the cutter. This gives it a sense of style and sophistication that is as breathtaking now as it was when the cut was first revealed.

How To Style Your Pear Shape Diamond Jewellery

Pear shaped diamond rings are normally worn with the pointed end of the teardrop facing downwards, towards the palm of the hand. This gives the diamond shape the advantage of being particularly flattering to shorter fingers by creating an illusionary line of sight and elongating the fingers. When you are making the tough decision of choosing your perfect wedding or engagement ring, this diamond cut is a favourite among brides with an eye for sparkle.

Choose From The Best Pear Shaped Diamond Jewellery At I Love Diamonds

I Love Diamonds’ experienced cutters and gold artisans work together to polish and contour their pear cut diamonds and mount them on the perfect 18K gold housing to give you maximum sparkle and a wonderful air of true sophistication. Distinguished as one of the most fascinating of fancy cuts diamonds, pear shaped diamond jewellery from I Love Diamonds is a fabulous choice for whimsical brides who have a unique style.
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