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I Love Diamonds unveils before you the mesmerizing collection of 18KT white gold diamond rings. Bring about a wave of change and be the showstopper in any party by flaunting a white gold diamond ring made of pure 18 KT white gold

Fascinate your senses and depict your sense of style adorning a white gold diamond

Flaunt your stylish side to others by wearing a white gold diamond ring. The white colour gives a classy touch and increases your style quotient no one can match up to. White gold is yellow gold itself. Only difference is that yellow gold has more nickel, while white gold has more zinc. An 18 KT gold implies, out of total 24 parts,18 is pure gold, and the rest is an alloy added to impart more strength to the gold. In this case, the alloy is zinc. The zinc gives a white colour to the gold, but it would still have a yellow tint. What gives white gold the alluring white colour is the plating of rhodium on its surface. It also forms a protective cover which protects the gold.

You are unique, you are experimental, you represent the I Love Diamonds white gold enchantress.

Be the enchantress, let the whole world wonder whether you are an angel dropped from heaven, while you can sit back and enjoy the attention. You are the stylish confident woman of today, and you deserve the white gold to match with your attitude.

The whole world was struck by her beauty, but she walked away with an air of grace unaffected by the lingering eyes.

Let the whole world be mesmerized and wonder out loud what could possibly be the secret. Let them keep guessing, we know it is the I Love Diamonds white gold.
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