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The pearl is considered the oldest gem known to mankind, and for more than a couple of millennia, it was believed to be the most valuable as well. I Love Diamonds takes this classic beauty and turns into a modern masterpiece.

I Love Diamonds’ Cream Pearl Jewellery Leaves Little To Be Desired

Despite the number of minerals and gemstones available on the market today, the pearl is entirely unique in the fact that it was produced by a living creature. The pearl is created from organic matter trapped inside oysters and mollusks. The seemingly divine creation of the pearl has placed it in a position of importance in mythology as well as in religious practices.

The Mythology Behind The Moon-Like Pearls

There is so much history, tradition and folklore and tradition tied to the pearl that five months, June, July, February, April and November, have claimed it as their official birthstone throughout the years, with different cultures believing a different story till this day. Traditionally, the pearl was considered one of the astral stone for Cancer and Gemini, a practice some still follow today. Many astrologers link its power to the moon. Also called the teardrops of the moon, one of the stories from early cultures tells of the formation of a pearl as being born from a tear from the heavens falling into a mollusk while others believe they are from angels. Despite these differences in opinion. it seems everyone agrees on the fact that pearls represent purity, virtue and chastity, which is one of the reasons why brides initially wore a string of pearls or ha them sewn onto their wedding dresses. Pearls are also used to represent calm, dependability and success.

Pearls And Diamonds Are A Match Made In Heaven

The contrast of the demure pearls with polished gold and glistening diamonds is a delectable combination. Pearl jewellery is definitely making a comeback with modern drop earrings and gorgeous, diamond-studded pendants and necklaces. Since cream pearls are equally attractive for either gender, there is no excuse to not wear a dazzling cream pearl creation from I Love Diamonds to your next big social event.
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