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Looking for a stone that will melt into your gold jewellery, but still provide a beautiful sparkle? Why not try citrine, a golden gemstone that not only looks gorgeous but amplifies positive vibes in and around the wearer.

I Love Diamonds’ Citrine Jewellery Is The New Way To Be Trendy

Citrine is a clear yellow variation of quartz which ranges in colour from a pale moonbeam yellow to a golden sunset yellow and even a dark honey brown in some instances. Its name comes from the French word for lemon, citron. It was used as an ornamental gem as early as 300 BC in Greece. Because of the similarity in colour, citrine is often mistakenly for safranite, Spanish or gold topaz. Most of today’s commercial Citrine is either heat-treated smoky quartz or amethyst, which are modified to produce a dark yellow or reddish-orange stone. Very few natural citrines are found in these colours as many of them are a pale yellow.

Citrine Jewellery – The Cornerstone Of Financial Success And Positivity

Natural citrine is a principal stone for imagination, personal willpower and manifestation. The stone is believed to carry the healing power of the sun. Like sunlight, it is warm and comforting, energizing the body’s internal chakras with life-giving light whilst clearing the mind of negativity and leaving the soul ready to take action. One of the most important aspects of citrine is that it does not need spiritual cleansed like other crystals and is one of the only two crystals on earth to have this property. This is because citrine does not accumulate negative energy, but rather dissipates then grounds it. Citrine helps increase and maintains wealth, is used to fortify medical practices and improve overall health. A favourite of artists, it is believed to awaken the imagination and creativity by transforming wishes and dreams into a tangible form. Citrine’s pure yellow energy encourages living life to the fullest, beginning a fresh chapter and chasing new pursuits.

Diamond And Citrine Jewellery For The Happy Soul

I Love Diamonds has combined this luck-bringing stone in a variety of jewellery such as citrine rings, citrine pendants and citrine earrings so that Lady Luck is never far from you.
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