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You can make a huge impression with a large mediocre diamond-studded engagement ring or choose a more moderately-sized diamond engagement ring with a beautifully cut flawless solitaire surrounded by halo stones that has the same sparkle. The choice is yours.

I Love Diamonds Creates Diamonds That Will Work For Any Budget

It is important that you convey the right felling into the diamond jewellery that you are gifting but it is doubly important that you don’t feel guilty giving it. The truth is, even the smallest of diamonds, if they are a good cut and high up on the flawlessness scale, can achieve nearly the same impact and brilliance of a larger diamond with a few clever tricks that shift the focus from the lack in size to the utter beauty of the overall jewellery. People often wonder whether a smaller diamond, such as the ones in the 0.20-0.29 carat bracket can make good gifts. When someone replies ‘it depends’ to this common question, technically it is the right answer. What they don’t tell you however, is that this approach, whilst giving you a lot of room to be creative and the flexibility to look for something a little different, can be a little confusing. I Love Diamonds is here to set your doubts straight and make sure you have a smooth worry-free diamond buying experience.

Size Is Sometimes Secondary To A Diamonds’ Brilliance

People tend to remember the C for carat weight in the 4Cs as it is the simplest to recognize and the easiest to identify. It’s not always about the carat weight, though. A round cut diamond appears smaller than a princess cut diamond although they may be the same weight. Look for cuts that are flattering for the style of jewellery you are looking for and your jewellery will automatically look better and brighter.

Wear The Diamond - Don’t Let The Diamond Wear You

A diamond engagement ring might be a tangible expression of commitment and the enormity of your love, but in the end, it comes down to the feeling behind the gift. Leave it to I Love Diamonds to find the perfect gift for you.
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