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Gold is the colour of opulence and everything that is luxurious. Humans have come to associate this metallic hue with a degree of reverence in whatever form it comes. Add this lush hue to pearls and you have one of the classiest combinations in this world.

I Love Diamonds Introduces Gold Pearls, The Epitome Of Indulgence

Pearls are created from a single speck of dust trapped in layer upon layer of calcium and hardened tissue. In the case of cultured pearls, a crystal core can be used to create a silkier, smoother finish of the surface. Pearls have been around since the dawn of time, with mention of this mineral beauty in almost every religious text. The oldest reliable accounts of pearl hunting dates back to 203 BC, where pearls were hunted by the Pandyas in the Indian Ocean and sold for a tidy profit. Nowadays, the value of pearls is determined by a combination of factors including the colour, lustre, size, surface flaws and symmetry. Lustre is a keen factor that differentiates the best pearls from the average.

The Significance Of Wearing Gold Pearls

Bright gold pearls are amongst the rarest of pearl colours. Incidentally, this hue of pearls has come to represent wealth and prosperity, something that is commonly linked to the colour in other forms as well. This meaning behind the mineral changes slightly in different cultures. For some, it is used to represent freedom, illumination and self-esteem while other beliefs view it as a depiction of emotional states such as love, passion and courage. Wisdom and success are some more d interpretations of the elusive gold pearl.

Be Enticed By Rare, Precious Pearl Jewellery Form I Love Diamonds

Gold pearl jewellery from I Love Diamonds is the best way to impress someone special, whether you chose it in the form of a pendant or a pair of earrings. This precious piece of the ocean suits all jewellery styles and looks splendid in a gold setting, offsetting the gleam of the gold with its matte sheen. Think avant-garde and set the new look of the season.
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