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Beginning from the point we put a design on paper till the time we deliver the jewellery to your doorstep, I Love Diamond takes the utmost care. We ensure that each customer is given equal importance no matter what they buy. We take care of you, while you take care of your loved ones.

Gold And Yellow Gemstone Jewellery At I Love Diamonds

Citrine is the most common yellow gemstone. But it is the yellow sapphire that is most sought after. The name of the yellow gem Citrine is literally derived from the French word for lemon. Like its colour, the yellow citrine is depicted to be a gift from the Sun. The effect of the yellow gem on the wearer is much the same as the sun. It brings calmness and cheer. At I Love Diamonds yellow gemstone pendants are available in a wide range of colours from pure to soft yellow and golden honey to smoky brown.

Every Yellow Gemstone Pendant Available At I Love Diamonds

I Love Diamonds prizes itself in making sure that every type of jewel and gemstone is ready for purchase at our store. With the same aim, we have designed every yellow gemstone pendant possible. From the Beer Quartz pieces that have yellow/brown colour like its namesake to lemon quarts. The ever more popular canary yellow diamond might be just for a discerning few who can afford it but with beer quartz and citrine as other options, owning a yellow gem pendant is easy. We even cater to people who look for the rare yellow sapphire.

18Kt Gold Pendants Set With Yellow Gemstones For A Cheery You

A day in the sun after a long, dull weak of cloudy skies makes for a cheery you. There is something about the colour yellow that brings happiness from within. Yellow gemstones with their inner fire and brilliance have the same effect. To amplify this quality we present to you a whole range of yellow gemstone pendants all set in 18kt gold. For those who are looking for a bit unconventional look, browse through are yellow gem collection set in rose gold. We promise you will be not disappointed.
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  • Adored Amelia Pendant

    Regular Price: 30,188


  • A Toast to Beer Quartz Pendant

    Regular Price: 37,524


  • Concave Square Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,018


  • Citrine Tranquil Triangles Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,356


  • Fluttering Fancy Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,302


  • Tidy Tie Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,641


  • Spiral Citrine Pendant

    Regular Price: 63,107


  • Hafnium Flame Pendant

    Regular Price: 46,189


  • Magic Lamp Pendant

    Regular Price: 6,954


  • Autumn Foliage Pendant

    Regular Price: 59,543


  • Splendorous Citrine Pendant

    Regular Price: 44,535


  • Xenial Xena Pendant

    Regular Price: 35,286


  • Heavenly Hazel Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,425


  • Divine Daffodils Pendant

    Regular Price: 50,775


  • Mystery of the Mayan Pyramid Pendant

    Regular Price: 25,850


  • Preicious Nobility Pendant

    Regular Price: 49,401



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