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Wear the glittering diamond cross pendant and flaunt your religious beliefs, values and culture. I Love Diamonds offers extravagant collection of superior religious style pendants to give you relief from the routine flower, heart and arrow pendants. Pick from the elaborate collection and express your faith.

Religious Pendant For Both Genders And All Cultures

Religious pendants were in use since time immemorial. It was earlier used to protect from evil forces. These were called amulets and were predominantly used in the Middle East and Egypt. In Japan is called Ofuda and in India it was worn to prevent evil eye or Nazar. For many wearing a religious pendant is not just a tradition but it is also considered to bring good fortune. It began as a sentiment and later transformed into a fad. The Hip Hop influence has made a penetration to give a rebirth to religious pendants. It is been used by celebrities and fashion icons.

The Christian Faith And Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

I Love Diamonds offers a host of small diamond cross pendant that fits every budget. It is predominantly used in different forms of jewellery. The chic diamond crucifix pendant is popular and adds an element of cultural value. It is trending and is used by the young and old alike. Diamond gold cross pendant is inspired by religious elements and is crafted to perfection by expert designers to hold the right balance between aesthetics and faith. There are numerous designs to choose from when it comes to gold and diamond cross pendant, it includes Christian Cross, Holy Cross, Glorified Cross Round Pendant and many more in rose gold, yellow gold and princess cut diamond cross pendant.

Divine Hindu Religious Diamond Pendants Laid In Intricate Designs

Whether you are a staunch believe of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Balaji, Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, there is one for everyone. The images are embossed on a gold coin or rectangular plate adding elegance to the design. You can also find simple Om Chants or Shiva Linga designs perfectly set in gold and diamonds to elevate the design aspect. Diamond Ganesh pendant are available in loads of styles, so do not miss it.
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