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Sapphires, amethyst, purple chalcedony, deep tinges rhodolites you name it. When it comes to purple gemstones, I Love Diamonds leaves no stone unturned to give you the very best of best. From diamond pendants to rings and even nose rings, every design, every shape, every cut of jewellery is available on our online store.

Brilliant Purple Stone Pendants In 18Kt Gold For Men

The luminescence and radiance of purple is hard to replicate. Even in nature the list of purple hued things is quite short. So when it comes to violet and purple gemstones, it is not shocking that there are but few. A classic purple gemstone is Amethyst. The brilliant purple gemstone makes for jewellery that is eye catching and awe inspiring. Because of the darker shade of the gemstone purple stone pendants are very suited for men. I Love Diamonds offers an array of 18KT Gold pendants with purple gemstone made especially for men.

Royal Amethyst Purple Stone Jewellery From I Love Diamonds

When you think royal, when you imagine Kings and Queens you think purple. In ancients times to dye something purple was very, very economically challenging. Therefore only royals could afford it. Thus, the connection of purple and the royal feel. I Love Diamonds wants you, our customer, to be in the know of this feeling. We want you to feel what kings felt. In lieu of that we have designed fashionable purple stone pendants and other neck pieces. Bring to your life individuality, royalty and wealth with our designer amethyst purple stone pendants all within an affordable range. Be a king!

Designer Gold Pendants Made Of Purple Gemstone

Anyone can put two jewels together and make a piece of jewellery. But it takes a master craftsman to create true design. I Love Diamonds has taken creation to a level up with our gold and diamond pendants by adding a touch of purple gemstones. From simple, single stone pendants to more ostentatious multiple gemstones pendants we have designed and created a jewellery collection that would put even royals to shame. Though the purple amethyst is recommended as a 6th wedding anniversary gift, ILD suggest to make good use of our fashionable and trendy pendant designs and buy one now.
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