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Diamonds are beautiful irrespective of the cut and style. But the value of the stone is enhanced when it is cut to precision and styled to add the shine. I Love Diamonds offers illusion set diamond pendants to give you that larger than life feel for your jewel.

Make The Most With Illusion Diamond Pendant Designs

Get more for less with illusion setting diamond pendants. The girdle is cut bright giving it a bright finish. The outline of the ring is diffused giving it a larger look. Go ahead and shop for high quality diamond pendant set designs and get complete value for your money. The magnificent finish is sure to add glory to your collection. With a least amount of metal to hold the diamond the radiance of the stone is enhanced. The setting makes it expensive but it is worth every dime invested. It is best suited for colored diamond stones. The illusion setting is done below the pavilion of the diamond.

Get Recognized With Diamond Fashion Pendant

Be in the limelight with high quality diamond solitaire pendant. The world of glamour will open up its doors to you with the superior pendant. The style was in use for long now and has graced the collection of popular stars and celebrities. The illusion style says a thousand words with its huge size. The style is in demand for its glow and aesthetics. The illusion setting gives a feel as if it is held by almost nothing. The style is very simple and it is all about how the stone is placed in the metal. The diamond is mounted on the metal framework. In the stone you can find small channels that are cut in its bases, so that the rails of the framework fit in the grooves.

Illusion Diamond Pendants - Cut Above The Rest

In the illusion style there is a fear the stone may fall off. But remember it is a complex setting and is framework is designed with extra care to hold the diamond firmly. There are absolutely no worries as the jeweler designs a framework specially after studying the stone. So there is no fear of the stone falling off.
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