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From Golden mother of pearls to bright yellow topaz that shine like gold, I Love Diamond offers every imaginable jewel and stone under the sun. We handpick each stone and diamond to make specimens that strike awe and wonder. We use the purest of gold in every jewellery piece we craft.

The Invaluable Golden Pearl Gemstone For Inspiration

The sun and its golden hue is ever a source of inspiration. I Love Diamonds tried to capture this same motivation in our golden gemstone collection. Pearls with neutral golden overtones are the most prevalent of all pearls. But, their quantity does not diminish their value even by an iota. Golden stone pendants are the easiest to match. They can be worn by a person of any complexion. The attire of the person rarely clashes with golden tinged jewellery. To truly bring out the champagne shade of pearl, wear them with no other supporting piece.

The Mysterious Glow Of Golden Gemstone Pendants For Men

Because golden pearls have the same primary and secondary tinge and body colour, they appear to be true with no overtones. This is what really brings out the mysterious glow of golden stones. I Love Diamonds advices you to wear them with yellow gold mountings. 18K gold will enhance these pearls’ natural Golden tones. Making the golden pendants appear brighter and richer. Because gold is such a warm colour, pendant designs with just a golden pearl or a simple golden topaz make for a perfect statement piece for men.

I Love Diamonds’ Golden Coloured Stone Jewellery In 18KT

Every specimen of jewellery we make is crafted with 18KT Gold. We create casual pendants ready for every day wear by using golden pearls alone. The same golden pearl when combined with heavier golden gemstones makes for a statement piece ready for any occasion like a weddings. A single golden topaz makes for beautiful single diamond pendant. I Love Diamonds offers golden gem pendant in various shapes from tear drops to heart shaped to even simple round circles. Choose a golden colour stone to bring untold fortune and prosperity to life.
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  • Golden Eclipse Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,604


  • Pretty Precious Pendant

    Regular Price: 20,217


  • Golden Tinker Bell Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,975


  • Free Spirit Pendant

    Regular Price: 17,883


  • Davina Diamonds Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,967


  • Floating Flower Pendant

    Regular Price: 85,179


  • Passionate Peacock Pendant

    Regular Price: 60,014


  • Alluring Amalthea Pendant

    Regular Price: 28,385


  • Floral Ambrosia Pendant

    Regular Price: 78,255


  • Elegant Eleanor Pendant

    Regular Price: 38,787


  • Golden Wild Flower Pendant

    Regular Price: 29,577


  • Tulip Treasure Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,182



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