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The inimitable quality of I Love Diamonds to provide a jewellery piece for virtually any occasion, any person and for every kind of wear is what makes us pioneers of the field. We prefer to have an option for even the most discerning of shoppers.

Why The Cream Coloured Stone Pendants Suit All?

A pearl with an overtone of cream is an all-time favourite for any jewel enthusiast. To describe the colour of cream pearl one would say French Vanilla coated on white with a crystal core. The reason a cream stone pendant can suit anyone is its neutrality. The cream pearl overtone is a “warm” overtone and warm overtones tend to compliment most colours. Therefore a cream gemstone pendant rarely clashes and contrasts with other colours. These pearls also warm up nicely against all complexions. Ensuring that even the most simple of cream coloured jewellery sparkles nicely.

The Elite Of Colours – Cream In Pearl Pendants For Men

Cream pearl pendants is elite in all colours because under the right lightening and in the correct angles they give undertones of violet. They also at times present bright flashes of magenta shimmering over the surface. A cream gemstone can be gorgeously complex. Because the tone of a pearl pendant is not overpowering, men can easily wear them. The whitish tinge also makes pearl pendants appropriate for any age. Even older man can carry cream gemstone jewellery easily and well. They can be donned over traditional dresses or even over western ensembles. The lustre of cream pearls is everlasting.

The Lustre Of Cream Pearl Pendants By I Love Diamonds

We, at I Love Diamonds, are superbly conscious of the quality of our gemstones. We adhere to the strictest of rules to ensure that each crystal cream pearl we use is absolutely flawless. We use the technology developed and perfect by Swarovski to give each crystal core a unique coating. A coating that results in perfectly blended lustrous shimmer. Our pearls are unparalleled. The lustre of each cream stone is such that it seems to shine and radiate from it’s very within.
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  • Pearl Tinker Bell Pendant

    Regular Price: 14,001


  • Encased Pearlita Pendant

    Regular Price: 64,803


  • Snowflake Princess Pendant

    Regular Price: 20,961


  • Pearlette in a Casket Pendant

    Regular Price: 38,729


  • Pearlette Shooting Star Pendant

    Regular Price: 19,824


  • Pearl and Paisley Pendant

    Regular Price: 68,204


  • Incomplete Without You Pendant

    Regular Price: 83,369


  • Lotus Bloom Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,154


  • Soulful Swan Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,331


  • Feathered Pearl Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,378


  • Rangoli Radiance Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 43,474


  • Pendulum Pearl Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,739


  • Moon and Stars Pendant

    Regular Price: 18,365


  • Pearlita Grace Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,788


  • Pretty Pearlita Pendant

    Regular Price: 43,030


  • Iconic Illumination Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 23,221



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