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  1. Gemstone Type: Remove This Item Cream Pearl

I Love Diamonds creates leaves 'no stone unturned' to present patterns that express beauty, joy and creativity. A Cream Pearl Diamond Pendant is especially meant to add a gentle brush of sophistication to your jewellery collection. Grab one that suits your style from the wide array of cream pearl studded in intricate patterns of dazzling diamonds set in pure gold.

Cream Pearl - An All Time Favorite!

Cream pearl diamond jewelry attributes a sense of well-being. They suggest glamor of the classic, queenly kind. It has been used in India and in western jewelry creations extensively. Many Hollywood designs use the cream pearl. A cream pearl exudes a feeling of warmth and tranquility. It is an all-time favorite, used in vintage, traditional and modern jewelry alike. Unveil the royal side in you adorning a cream pearl diamond pendant. Let the world stand bedazzled at the sight and left speechless by the glitter of diamonds and shimmer of cream pearls.

Cream Pearl Diamond Pendant - The Swarovski Edge

At the core of every cream pearl at I Love Diamonds is a Swarovski crystal. meticulously placed by Swarovski. The glitter of this crystal core reaches all the way to the surface of the cream pearl, which creates an allure so precious. The glitter of crystals shimmering through pearls surrounded by shining diamonds makes it a sight to behold. The pearls just look like dew drops all the way from heaven only to mesmerize the eyes that are left awestruck by your beauty.

Superbly Appealing And Royal Designs To Delight Your Senses

At I Love Diamonds, a cream pearl is combined with diamonds in a myriad ways. The range is wide and exciting! The Pearl and Paisley Pendant is an intricate motif converging into a sensuous cream pearl. The Pristine Pearline Pendant, The Pearlette Frond Pendant exciting choices. The Encased Pearlita Pendant is one of a kind! The palette is lavish, what's your choice? Choose yours and make a dash for it at the magic world of I Love Diamonds online store.
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  • Pearl Tinker Bell Pendant

    Regular Price: 14,001


  • Encased Pearlita Pendant

    Regular Price: 64,803


  • Snowflake Princess Pendant

    Regular Price: 20,961


  • Pearlette in a Casket Pendant

    Regular Price: 38,729


  • Pearlette Shooting Star Pendant

    Regular Price: 19,824


  • Pearl and Paisley Pendant

    Regular Price: 68,204


  • Lotus Bloom Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,154


  • Soulful Swan Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,331


  • Feathered Pearl Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,378


  • Rangoli Radiance Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 43,474


  • Pendulum Pearl Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,739


  • Pearlita Grace Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,788


  • Pretty Pearlita Pendant

    Regular Price: 43,030


  • Pristine Pearline Pendant

    Regular Price: 37,076


  • Iconic Illumination Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 23,221


  • Paramount Paisley Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 25,773



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