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Pendants have come a long way from their humble origins. From a simple stone with a hole in it to designer filigree jewellery made from precious metals and set with rare gems, pendants are a great way to add glamour without the commitment. ILD offers the widest range of gold, diamond and other precious stone pendants online. The Modern Diamond Pendant Is A Mix-And Match Dream
The Modern Diamond Pendant Is A Mix-And Match Dream
Generally, pendants are considered as any loose piece of jewellery that hangs on a chain worn at the neck, hence deriving its name from the Latin word ‘pendere’, which means ‘to hang down’. This accessory has the additional purpose of expressing the wearer’s taste, beliefs or personality. Egyptians Pharaohs famously hung scarab beetle pendants from chains as a symbol of their power and right to rule the land. Later on, gold smiths made pendants as family heirlooms that could be passed on and worn around the neck either on a gold chain or a piece of ribbon, a practice that was fashionable during the Renaissance. Choosing The Right Pendant For The Right Person
Choosing The Right Pendant For The Right Person
Diamond pendant styles may have evolved through the ages but one principle aspect that makes them so unique and a more favoured choice than traditional necklaces, remains the same – they are removable. Pendants can be casual, ornate or even be a personal story. Though historically there were a plethora of reasons to wear each type of pendant, today they are symbols of identity and transient beauty because unlike necklaces, pendants can be changed from one chain to another so that no two pendants are ever worn the same way. Depending on the style of the pendant, they can be worn on a flat chain, a linked chain or more complex chains like the Byzantine style. Pendants from I Love Diamonds are available in 3 shades of gold - yellow, white and pink. While traditional designs look sublime in the traditional golden colour, white and rose gold lend a casual chic vibe to pendants and make them look more modern. These alternative gold colours are also great for non-traditional stone settings like citrine and opals. Diamonds in a pendant make this special piece of jewellery all the more precious. From talismans to lockets and everything in between, I Love Diamonds has pendants fit for bridal wear with exquisitely detailed designs and beautifully set gemstones or toned down pendant designs that can be worn with western clothes and some that can easily swing between casual and dressy. I Love Diamonds’ Vast Range Of Pendants Gives You The Choice Of Selecting Without Compromise
I Love Diamonds’ Vast Range Of Pendants Gives You The Choice Of Selecting Without Compromise
I Love Diamonds has a range of themed pendants collections to celebrate all those special occasions. For personalized pieces, why not take a look at the Alluring Alphabets collection? Or if you are more inclined to wear pendants for more religious reasons, gorgeous Hindu deities carves from gold and dotted with precious stones or diamond encrusted crucifixes are available. For your pretty little angel, there are cute Disney-inspired single diamond pendants that she will treasure forever as a token of your love.
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