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Guard your joy and happiness against other with the unique diamond pendants at I Love Diamonds inlaid with black gemstones. Adorn yourself with a black diamond pendant from the stunning collection at ILD and keep negative vibes away as you embrace life in all of its colours and hues.

Battle Your Demons With Diamonds And Black Gemstones

Black gemstones were favoured by soldiers in the earlier years as they ventured into the battleground to overtake their enemies. These soldiers believed that these precious gemstones would give them courage and sharpen their focus as they got ready to overpower their enemies. Take a lesson from the soldiers of the yonder years and adorn yourself with a black diamond cross pendant as you prepare to take on the world by its horns. Diamond pendant set with black gemstones can also help you in your battle against erratic habits that are harmful to you in the long run. Log in to I Love Diamonds online collection and rid yourself of every ounce of negativity.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

After experiencing g the magical properties of black gemstones, you will never keep them away from you. They have mystical healing properties which can help your body and soul as it wages war with challenges on a daily basis. The black onyx will give your soul a chance to relax and heal itself giving you a fighting chance of overcoming the next challenge in life that comes your way. Black gemstones have a protective energy as it absorbs all the colours around it and creates an illusion of invisibility. Use this to your advantage as you adorn this veil of invisibility and take your enemy unaware in the battlefield.

Sharpen Your Senses And Boost Your Confidence With Black Gemstones

Engage your five senses to heighten your sense of awareness around you and absorb the energy floating around you with the help of an onyx heart diamond pendant. Black gemstones also have the power to increase your self-confidence as you get ready to face the world. Take on an air of elegance and wealth as you adorn yourself with a brilliant diamond letter pendant that will shine on your admirers from the pedestal you place it on.
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  • Black and Bold Pendant

    Regular Price: 18,723


  • Princess Tiana Pendant

    Regular Price: 66,487


    As low as: 45,670
  • Queen of the Night Pendant

    Regular Price: 31,357


  • Phantom Queen Pendant

    Regular Price: 47,774


  • Adored Amelia Pendant

    Regular Price: 31,095


  • Silver Lining Pendant

    Regular Price: 36,937


  • Dark Sparkle Pendant

    Regular Price: 39,626


  • Check-mate in Yellow Gold Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,079


  • Midnight Moon Pendant

    Regular Price: 22,613


  • Celebrating Contrasts Pendant

    Regular Price: 45,866


  • Autumn Flora Pendant

    Regular Price: 52,665


    As low as: 36,206
  • Nightingale Jewel Pendant

    Regular Price: 34,025


  • Black Barbiel Pendant

    Regular Price: 57,226


  • Check-mate in Pink Gold Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,128


  • Black Flower Drop Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,033


  • Yeasty Yin-Yang Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,550



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