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  1. Gemstone Type: Remove This Item Black Spinel

I Love Diamonds brings to its customers the rarest of rare gems carefully chosen and encrusted in designer jewelry pieces. Spinel derives its name from Latin, 'spina', which means thorn, owing to the shape of these crystals. They are believed to possess immense healing capacity.

Spinel - The Regal Connection

The Black Spinel is one of the rarest stones to possess. Enjoy the healing benefits of a Black Spinel Diamond pendant. Discover the powers associated with this stone. The designs by I Love Diamonds emphasize on elegance and timelessness, luxury and simplicity to bring its customers the most unique works of art. Spinels are available in various colors including blue and red. Rubies and sapphires are also red and blue spinels. It is indeed these spinels you find encrusted in many a crown including the crown of the Royals of England. The largest among rubies is embedded in the Imperial State Crown of England. Black spinels are the rarest of rare among them all.

Black Spinel Diamond Pendant - Powers You Purchase

Not only is its occurrence rare, the black spinel is bestowed with healing properties. It is believed to increase one's lifespan, and can ignite passion in the wearer of this rare gem. It is known to possess the power to resolve conflicts or issues the bearer has and assist in re-establishing broken ties. It is endowed with protective powers.

Rarity Of Black Spinel - A Stone Worth Being In Your Collection!

They are mined from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka chiefly, although the black spinel is truly a rare find. Recently, spinels have occurred in mines from Russia, Vietnam, Africa and Australia. If you are looking to enhance the value of your gemstone collection black spinel is a fabulous value addition! I Love Diamonds prides itself in designing jewelry with this rare crystal in combination with diamonds. Do take a look at what is in store!
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  • Black Flower Drop Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,989


  • Queen of the Night Pendant

    Regular Price: 32,409


  • Black and Bold Pendant

    Regular Price: 18,075


  • Check-mate in Yellow Gold Pendant

    Regular Price: 27,161


  • Check-mate in Pink Gold Pendant

    Regular Price: 27,246


  • Phantom Queen Pendant

    Regular Price: 47,402


  • Yeasty Yin-Yang Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,252


  • Precious Panda Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,726


  • Midnight Moon Pendant

    Regular Price: 22,238


  • Silver Lining Pendant

    Regular Price: 37,705


  • Nightingale Jewel Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,232


  • Celebrating Contrasts Pendant

    Regular Price: 46,523


  • Autumn Flora Pendant

    Regular Price: 42,300



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