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Be the center of attraction, make heads turn with an I Love Diamonds nose pin studded with precious diamonds in pure 18KT gold. Make a style statement with simple, small and stylish nose pin adding glitter and shine to your beautiful face.

Wire nose pins- easy to use and trendy

Try out the easy to use wire nose pins that go well with any outfit of your choice. It transforms you into a coy, demure dame in a traditional attire or a stylish trendy woman of substance in a casual or corporate wear. The perks of using a wire nose pin is that it is quite easy to use. Just push it through the piercing hole and it is done ! No screws or attachments. Just a single piece of ornament.

Make heads turn with a wire nose pin from ILD

When you wish to make a style statement and grab others attention, yet don’t wish to appear too flashy wearing a large piece of ornament, then a nose pin is the perfect choice for you. It is small in appearance, but creates a larger impact. A wire nose pin has a curved wire made of gold attached to the beautifully crafted diamond studded nose pin which spreads the glitter of diamond all over your face.

Be the simple elegant beauty adorning a nose pin

She looks mesmerizing with a diamond studded nose pin and her face lights up the entire room with the brilliance of her diamond.
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