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  1. Gemstone Type: Remove This Item Blazing Red Topaz

Offering fine nose diamond pin complemented by blazing red topaz, this nose pin is sure to catch the attention of every one. Embrace the purity of the blood red color finely set in 18kt gold to create exquisite nose pins for the Indian women soaked in traditional values.

Crafting delights with 18k yellow gold Diamond nose pins with red topaz

Jewelry is a mark of social standing and the hallmark of beauty. The diamond nose screw collection from I Love Diamonds fetches the administration and also gives you room for self love. Go indulge in these blood red jewelry pieces to create a sensation. Express your sensual you with these amazingly crafted round nose studs and make a mark for yourself. Enjoy the contemporary designs and add value to your investment.

Exquisite gold diamond nose pins that serves you best

No one can miss the blazing red topaz gemstone nosepins at I Love Diamonds. The rich red color is incredibly rare and is the most sought after for its beauty and elegance. Deriving from the word fire, topaz is a pre-historic gemstone. The red color is a rare variety and is highly priced. The ruby red topaz is sophisticated and inlaid in 18k yellow gold diamond nose pins to enhance the appeal of the jewel. The symbol of love and affection, the stone also wards off negative emotions.

Bear the Gem of the Sun on your nose

Topaz is known as the gem of the sun by the Egyptians and is believed to give a glow and form a shield from harm. The gemstone comes with healing prowess. It is also believed to give physical stamina and boost the eyesight. It even helps stimulate creative ideas. Rarely found around the globe, Brazilian red topaz is the most vibrant and valuable. The best shop for 18KT pink gold diamond nose studs is I Love Diamonds. Sourced from the best dealers, the red topaz has a pink undertone. Those born in November can wear it next to your skin for good luck. Traditionally gifted for the 4th, 19th and 23rd anniversaries the stone has a special character.
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