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The traditional nose piercing that was once used to indicate the wedded status of a woman has now become arguably one of the most fashionable piercings in India and Western countries. I Love Diamonds bring their own artistic twists to the humble nosepin. The Eastern Nose Pin Culture That Took Over The World
The Eastern Nose Pin Culture That Took Over The World
The earliest signs of nose studs were found on a statue of the Goddess Lakshmi dating back 1500 years. Ayurveda and Vedic literature seem to approve and even encourage the custom of wearing a nose pin or nose ring with different parts of India taking different approaches. Modern nose piercing is thought to be a custom brought back by the Mughals in the 16th century from the Middle East. It spread to the western world during the 1960s when the hippies made their way back from India. This traditional symbol of marriage had now become a fashion statement, with many women, the most famous being Sania Mirza favouring the nose pin even for non-ethnic outfits. This touch of traditional beauty, the nose pin is now worn both on a daily basis as well as for weddings and other celebrations. I Love Diamonds Brings On The Funk With New Age Nose Pins
I Love Diamonds Brings On The Funk With New Age Nose Pins
Gone are the days when a simple gold hoop or a single diamond nose pin was all the rage. Nose pins today come in a variety of styles and finishes that will have the wearer looking feminine yet edgy. I Love Diamonds has picked up on the current nose pin trend and has created a whole new collection that will have you longing for a nose piercing of your own. While many people believe there is a certain nose ring or nose pin to suit each facial shape, there is absolutely no hard and fast rule on who or how to wear a particular type of nose pin. Generally speaking, a larger nose will be able to accommodate a larger nose pine and a longer nose can easily wear a nose ring. I Love Diamonds also has a wide range of diamond nose pins, which are the most universally suited. There Is A Nose Pin To Suit Every Face And Every Taste At I Love Diamonds
There Is A Nose Pin To Suit Every Face And Every Taste At I Love Diamonds
Since nose pins started gaining more popularity, more and more nose pin designs have started to crop up, from demure nakshatra diamond nose pins that keep with the traditional look to funky beaded nose rings with swappable coloured beads that will take your indo-western outfit to the next level. I Love Diamonds has created beautiful white gold nosepins and rings to go with any outfit and floral bent nose rings that add a hint of glamour to ethnic outfits. They also have a wide range of multi-stone nose pins crafted from gold and precious stones to lend a royal milieu to your wedding dress. From studded half rings to golden hoops dotted with diamonds and large hooped nose pins just for those special celebrations, I Love Diamonds cannot be beaten in range or price. Look and feel like trendy woman who is in control with stunning handcrafted nose pins just for you from I Love Diamonds.
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  • Japonicum Jewel Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 15,115


  • Vedic Tradition Diamond Nosepin with screw

    Regular Price: 22,581


  • Blossoming Buds Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 13,444


  • Duet Dance Diamond Nosepin with screw

    Regular Price: 13,184


  • Alluring Anthea Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 12,606


  • Calanthia Radiance Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 12,580


  • Duet Dance Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 13,057


  • Basal Rosette Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 13,041


  • Encircling Frills Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 18,827


  • Magnificent Mandala Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 11,509


  • Marquise Magic Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 13,891


  • Ethnical Florence Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 26,658


  • Exotic Ixora Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 17,212


  • Splendid Sunbini Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 16,608


  • Vedic Tradition Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 20,802


  • Suntastic Splendor Nose-pin

    Regular Price: 14,266



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