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Enjoy the best hues of yellow diamond necklace from I Love Diamonds. Experience the skilled craftsmanship of gem makers cutting the crystal to give the best setting in gold. The necklace collection in yellow is worth every dime and is sure to elevate your jewelry collection.

Autumn Hues Of Diamond Necklace In Yellow

The sunlight yellow stone set immaculately in 18kt gold is sure to raise many eyebrows. Citrine is the yellow stone used in the necklace to complement the high quality diamonds in. The stone is also known as yellow quartz and was given the name in the year 1556. The source is orange hue and took the name from a French word ‘citron’ which means lemon. The stone has been used for centuries now and the decorative stone became prominent in 300 and 150 BC. In Scotland, the yellow stone was used to decorate the swords. Later on it was used as Art Décor when it finally graced the necklaces when movie stars started to used them.

Clarity Of The Yellow Gemstone Necklace Adds Value

The yellow gold diamond necklace combines citrine gemstone to add glamour. The jewelry is crafted to bring out the brightness of the stone. The modern day yellow stone comes from Brazil and it is found in its natural form in France, Ural Mountains of Russia and Madagascar. The darker shade gives it an orange color and makes it rare and valuable. Being from the quartz family the stone is ranked 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness. The stone is highly durable due to its hardness and gives the necklace lasting durability. The craftsman ensure that to ensure the sustenance of the stone, two citrine stones are not worn side by side and is side carefully in the metal.

Yellow Gemstone Necklace Collection You Cannot Resist

I Love Diamonds has a glorious collection of yellow diamonds giving the customers a range of choice. In the Golden Eye Necklace the citrine stone is uniquely set to attract all the attention. The large stone is the center of attraction of the necklace set. Other yellow gemstone collection comes in combination with other stones like Amethyst. The worthwhile collections of yellow stone necklace include Sunlight Citrine Necklace, Purple Royal Necklace, Helios and Hoops Necklace that are studded with diamonds and set in white and yellow gold.
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