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I Love Diamond offers every imaginable jewel and stone under the sun starting from simple round diamond necklace to golden pearls to bright yellow topaz that shine like gold and even green topaz. We use only the purest of 18kt gold in every ornament we craft. We handpick each precious stone and diamond to make jewellery that strike wonder and marvel.

I Love Diamonds’ Rainforest Green Topaz And Diamond Collection

I Love Diamonds offers a complete collection of rainforest green topaz and diamond necklaces. From candid celebrations to declaration of love to traditional occasions they make for an ideal ornament at every ceremony. If you have ever wondered what to present to a loved one who is not stunned by the common option you don’t have to look further than I Love Diamonds’ Rainforest Green Topaz Necklaces. It is the unique colour and exquisite design of the Rainforest Green Topaz necklaces that make for perfect gifts. Known to bring a calming effect by controlling emotions and balancing the mind, the Rainforest green topaz diamond necklace suits well in today’s hyper fast world.

Colour Of The Forest, Colour Of The Green Topaz Jewellery

If you look at the Rainforest green topaz closely, you will see all the hues of a forest. From the lightest green of a new born leaf to the darkest sap green of a rainforest tree. It is this rainbow of hues that makes the rainforest green topaz necklace a unique gift. Along with its magical quality of bestowing a sense of balance, wealth and protection the rainforest green topaz stone is truly exceptional. Offer a loved one a part of nature with I Love Diamonds rainforest green topaz and diamond necklaces. Let them carry nature in the shape of diamond necklaces.

Symmetrical Design Necklaces Made Of Rainforest Green Topaz

Symmetry, a design concept that appeals to women and men both. Sometimes you look at a gorgeous jewellery piece yet find it unappealing. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but something seems amiss. It is the symmetry in the design. To give you the most symmetrical designed necklace, I Love Diamonds crafted a rainforest green topaz and diamond neck piece. Made of almost three hundred round shaped diamonds, the crowning jewel of the necklace is a 4 carat round green topaz right at the centre. The perfectly balance and proportionate necklace catches the eye on the first look and refuses to be overlooked by any.
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