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Amethyst, the purple color gemstone comes with a Mohs hardness of 7 is not easy to break. The stone is highly durable and is best to use in necklaces along with diamonds studded in gold. I Love Diamonds has an elite collection of purple diamond drop necklace is one of the kind you would love to own.

Purple Gemstone Wonder Necklaces For The Aristocracy

One of the most popular among gemstones, the purple color is either light or dark depending upon the opaqueness. The color of the purple is not pure. It is wither reddish purple or violetish purple. Some of the light shades include lavender and dark shades include grape, indigo and for reddish shade of purple include plum or raspberry colors. The rare combinations of stones are used in Necklace with diamonds and gemstones. The purple stone necklace with diamonds is a rare combination from the best of craftsmen.

Gain The Fruits Of Wisdom With Amazing Purple Diamond Necklace

The intensity of purple can change depending on the part of the crystal. The variations are known as color zoning. The Amethyst helps you attain the fruits of wisdom. The purple rays go beyond helping in attaining spiritual knowledge. Amethyst purple necklaces have therapeutic properties and the ability to heal. The stone is a source of controlling emotional extremes. The rays of the stones have the ability to reflect the aspect of the mind. It promotes both inner and outer focus. Forget about distraction and enjoy success in whatever you do.

Connect With The Heart Chakras With Purple Diamond Necklace

I Love Diamonds offers a aesthetic range of amethyst diamond necklace collection to enhance your spirits and make you realize your true self. Wearing the necklace close to your heart helps you connect your emotions and uplift your consciousness. The gemstone can give you a balance of your emotions. Moreover the stone has a connect with your nervous system if worn close to your skin. The vibrant purple has excellent therapeutic qualities. The darker the intensity of the gemstone is higher. Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the stone. The flaws and foreign matter has to be eliminated to improve the healing energy.
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