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Cream pearls, white pearls and even the rare golden shined pearls you name it and I Love Diamonds offers it. We do not limit our jewellery to just pearls, we leave no stone unturned to give you the very best of best precious and semi-precious gemstones. From diamond pendants to rings to necklaces in every design and in every shape we offer it all on our online store.

Pearls – The Subtle Queen Of Gemstones Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are the queens of jewellery. It is their subtlety that makes them an elite. When seen under the accurate lightening and the exact angles pearls give an undertones of flashing colours. They present bright flashes of hues shimmering just over their surface. This makes pearls gorgeously complex and laughing simple to use in necklaces. It is also the tone of a pearl necklace that makes them not so overpowering. The whitish tinge of pearl and diamond necklaces makes the all age appropriate. A pearl necklace can be worn easily over a traditional dress as much as over a western ensemble.

Love Diamonds’ Pearl Necklaces For The Understated Women

It is for the understated women that necklaces made of pearls were custom made. The technology developed and perfected by Swarovski to give the crystal core of each pearl a unique coating that gives the stone its modest and minimalistic look. It is lustrous shimmer of pearls that is unparalleled. The lustre of each cream pearl when added to diamonds that make them shine and radiate from the very within. Just like a discreet and understated lady, who shines without loudly calling attention to herself.

White Diamond And Pearl Necklace Fit For A Princess

The glitz and gold of a diamond necklace in combination of pearls makes for a necklace fit for a princess. Like a part of fairy tale come to life, I Love Diamonds crafted a pearl necklace for women that adorn their necks like magic. Made out of almost hundred and eighty diamonds, the 18kt gold necklace is truly our pride and joy. But, it is the round pearl that drops like a tear at the very centre of the necklace that is our crowning glory. A flawless, lustrous cream pearl of more than 7 carats will surely catch the eye of every woman who sees our necklace collection.
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