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I Love Diamonds prefers to have a selection for even the most discriminating of shoppers. It is this inimitable quality of I Love Diamonds that makes us pioneers of the field. We love to offer a jewellery piece for virtually any occasion, any person and for every kind of wear.

Kashmir Blue Topaz Necklaces – Value Of The Blue Gemstone

The value of a necklace made out of Kashmir Blue topaz had increased because topaz has become very popular over the years. The most easily available of the topaz on the market is treated. At I Love Diamonds, we give even a greater value to the customer because we use the most natural of blue gemstone. We use the most natural white topaz and use the industry standard method to give it a completely natural looking blue coloration by means of irradiation with gamma rays. It is this bright, shiny and sparkling blue hue that gives the Kashmir Blue Topaz its incomparable value.

The Precision And Care Of Kashmir Blue Topaz Jewellery

I Love Diamonds takes the utmost precision when it comes to the thermal fusion-coating of a colourless topaz that results in a Kashmir blue colour. We work to preserve the brilliance of the blue topaz along with its eye clean clarity. We put in a relentless attention and care to detail when it comes to cutting the Kashmir blue Topaz. The necklaces made out of the blue gemstone have meet-pointing faceting, crisp ends with each plane ending cleanly before the other begins. Each Kashmir blue topaz we carefully cut is consistent to its size specification.

Diamond And Kashmir Blue Topaz Necklace For Celebrations

Candid celebrations are the best celebrations. It is for these occasions that we made a Kashmir Blue Topaz necklace for women. Made out of pure 18kt gold the double stranded necklace has sixty three diamonds studded in a leaf shape design. The double gold stranded necklace ends in the most perfect and flawless Kashmir Blue Topaz. The Topaz has a pear shaped cut. The simplicity of a real diamond necklace with just a touch of blue makes it a multipurpose accessory. The Kashmir Blue topaz necklace can be worn during a day function or a night occasion.
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