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You see, you choose, you buy but do not keep. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean you connect to the jewel. No worries, I Love Diamonds offers a thirty day return policy because we know that jewellery is as much an investment of money as it is of emotions.

Stylish Floral Necklaces From I Love Diamonds

Beauty is nature and the crown of nature is its flowers. We took inspiration from these cornets of nature and designed floral necklaces. The stylish flower diamond necklaces from I Love Diamonds make use of 18Kt gold and blemish and flaw free diamonds. The precious and semi-precious gemstone we use are quality certified. We not only perfected the art of design and style of the necklaces, all our jewellery is also endorsed by celebrated international gemological labs like European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) & Solitaire Gemological Laboratory (SGL). Each stylish and floral design necklace is hallmarked with BIS authentication.

Lily Of The Valley Flower Design Necklace In 18Kt

Our crown jewel of our floral fantasy collection is what we call the lily of the valley necklace. Made out of pure 18Kt gold, the flower necklace weaves waves of gold with waves of diamond. With a clover leaf design interweaved between them. The floral diamond necklace culminates in a flower studded with round diamond attached to a perfect cream pearl of more than 3 carats. It uses more than one hundred and ninety flawless circular diamonds. Made exclusively for women, the flower designed necklace is inspired by the blossom Lily of the Valley, hence the name.

Pearl And Emerald Floral Necklace For Women.

When pearls, diamonds and a perfect Rainforest Green Topaz combine, they make for an astonishing floral diamond necklace. I Love Diamonds created a very special piece of accessory for women with our vine necklace. Again inspired by nature, the design replicates the twining and interweaving of green vine. The vine shape is made of pure 18Kt gold with a small round diamond at its end. The vines are connected to each other by a three leaved design completely studded with circular diamonds. The two strands of the floral necklace join together with a statement making emerald and diamond flower design.
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