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Necklaces form an essential part of jewellery. Without them the neck might seem naked. Be it just simple, thin chain necklace for light wear or a heavy choker, they are a must have. I Love Diamonds offers women a part of this vital ornament.

Contemporary Necklaces For All And Their Beauty

Women’s Necklaces are the perfect accessory. It is in their elegant design that lays their beauty. Contemporary necklaces are neither too powerful not to subtle. Therefore, they do not overpower the wearer nor diminish their attractiveness. I Love Diamonds offers a wonderful range of hand crafted necklaces. Whether you want a modern necklace that makes a declaration or an understated, conventional necklace to go with every outfit, I Love Diamonds has it all. All our jewellery is made by the very best of contemporary design jewellers in a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones and diamonds.

Modern Women Jewellery From I Love Diamonds

Our mother brand, Khwaahish Diamond was established in 2003. And it is from them that we draw our expertise and experience. This gives I Love Diamonds an in-depth knowledge of you of over 14 years. And it is because of this know-how that we inherently understand the modern women. We realise that their choice, their preferences when it comes to jewellery has changed over the years. The women of today want contemporary designed necklaces. Gold necklaces that are wearable with every ensemble they wear. I Love Diamonds caters to this want and need with their stylish collection of modern women jewellery.

A Contemporary Necklace For Every Price Range

The most often asked question when it comes to contemporary jewellery is – do you have a necklace in this particular price range? At I Love Diamonds the answer to this query is always yes. We know that for each customer the budget changes and even for a repeat buyer a particular occasion might call for a higher or lower price range than before. Because we value you, I Love diamond creates and stocks contemporary, designer necklaces in every budget possible. From a nominal single strand simple diamond necklace to 2 carat diamond necklaces we handcraft every design possible.
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  • Lily of the Valley Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,84,720


  • Angelic Allure Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,20,828


  • Resplendent Royalty Necklace

    Regular Price: 72,729


  • Hawaiian Hibiscus Necklace

    Regular Price: 2,26,619


  • Fire Kiln Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,02,447


  • Garnered Green Necklace

    Regular Price: 2,11,014


  • Rolling Waves Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,63,457


  • Grand Galaxias Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,86,437


  • Purple Royale Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,64,849


  • Sunlight Citrine Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,64,766


  • Luminous Marquise Necklace

    Regular Price: 2,32,221


  • Helios and Hoops Necklace

    Regular Price: 2,34,816


  • Golden Eye Necklace

    Regular Price: 2,07,918


  • Purple Drops Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,42,140


  • Sparkling Christmas Necklace

    Regular Price: 1,45,844


  • Lustrous Frond Diamond Necklace In Yellow Gold For Women

    Regular Price: 3,13,403



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