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What does a pearl necklace symbolise? Pearls were commonly worn by the members of the royal blood. It has often been called as the ‘teardrop of the moon' and was believed that the pearls were a passage for the angels to descend on earth. As time passed, pearls have long been associated with purity and innocence and are worn as a traditional bridal jewellery.

Enticing Bright Gold Pearl Diamond Necklace From ILD

Visit I Love Diamonds and browse through our collection of pearl necklace pictures. Formed in 18KT yellow gold, and sparkling diamonds, these neck pieces are a symbol of quality at our store. Long intertwining loops with gold and diamonds are intertwined again to form a chain. A large pearl hangs from the centre where the two loops from either side meet. You can choose necklaces with a combination of gemstones or diamond and pearl only.

Designer Diamond Necklace For All Mood, Budget And Styles

At I Love Diamonds the pearl necklace prices are unmatched. Suited for every occasion, style and budget, we ensure you never walk out empty-handed. The intricate designs speak volumes about our experienced and skilled craftsmen at work. Buy the gold pearl necklace for yourself and team them up with any matching outfit. Whether it is a cocktail party or a wedding, these dazzling beauties will adorn your delicate neck and add glamour to your attire. They can also be a good gifting option for your loved one. Men take note, your wife will be all over the moon when you gift her this set on your wedding anniversary.

Our Latest Edition Of Small Diamond Necklace Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

If you thought that these milky white neckpieces were only for the rich and famous, you are wrong in all probability. I Love Diamonds’ designers have created them especially for you- the bold and stunning lady of the house. Call us on 8971422242 for enquiries or visit our store today.
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