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  1. Gemstone Type: Remove This Item Blazing Red Topaz

The word Topaz comes from the Greek word “topazion” which in turn stems from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which implies “fire”. Unleash the fiery and passionate soul inside you with a Blazing Red Topaz necklace from a seemingly endless and enticing diamond necklace collection at I Love Diamonds.

Unveil Your Fiery Spirit And Magical Charm With An I Love Diamonds Blazing Red Topaz Necklace

The Topaz was long back related to the Island of Topazios at Egypt which is now known as St. John’s island located in the red sea. Topaz is available in different colours ranging from yellow, blue, green, red etc. But among all these red is the rarest and most valuable among all these. Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun” as they had the firm belief that the stone got its fiery glow from the sun God.

The Rare And Precious Blazing Red Topaz To Symbolize Your Undying Love For Her

Let the onlookers stand in awe at your eternal beauty while you make a mysterious appearance like a god with I Love Diamonds’ blazing topaz jewellery.The blazing red topaz is said to instigate long lasting friendship, ward off negativity and ensure fidelity of true love from your significant other. It is said to protect one from harm by acting as a powerful shield and also as a healing agent.

Ward Off Negativity And Build Everlasting Friendship With A Blazing Red Topaz Necklace

A blazing red gemstone is worn only by the most self-confident. It gives an elegant touch to any apparel, giving you a graceful appearance. You are known for your class and grace, you make the other damsels scurry behind the curtains as they can’t match up to your elegance. They peep through the curtains and wonder in despair how they can match up to you.A precious blazing red topaz to ignite those passionate romantic moments. Wrap her up in warm tight embrace, whisper sweet nothings gazing to the dazzling stars above and adorn her the rare and precious blazing red topaz necklace symbolizing your undying love for her. Let her look even more enchanting in the fiery glitter of the gemstone.
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