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Why celebrate on occasion alone? Why not celebrate the way you toil everyday yet make it seem effortless. Treat yourself to the sparkling diamond that has always caught your eye from I Love Diamonds. Adorn yourself from our collection of diamond and gemstone necklaces. Let your beauty shine.

Amethyst Necklaces That Add A Touch Of Royal Purple

The ancient Greek word Amethysts meant not drunk. It is from here the stone Amethyst Derived its meaning from. Once worn, it was supposed to guard the wearer from intoxication. The stone has a two pronged origin, one from the continent of Africa and the other from Brazil. The African Amethyst has a deep purple shade giving it a royal look. While the Brazilian Amethyst has a light colour but with a high luster. The Amethyst and diamond necklace by I Love Diamonds were shaped to add just a tinge of the royal purple to your life.

Purple Amethyst Jewellery Brings Peace And Balance

The amethyst gem which belongs to the Quartz family makes for beautiful collection because it is found in various shapes and sizes. This makes it easy for jewellery designers to cut it in any form. Amethyst necklaces and jewellery are also famous among customers because the stone is touted to bring a balance in life. Necklaces made of amethyst gem are meditative and calming. They work on the emotional, holy, and corporeal planes together to encourage tranquillity and peace. Purple amethyst necklaces are also believed to eliminate impatience from the wearer.

Diamond Strands And Amethysts Drops In 18KT Gold

Purple drop necklace made of diamonds and amethyst is the coup de grace at I Love Diamonds. Made out of pure 18Kt gold, the amethyst necklace is studded with one hundred and fifty seven diamonds. Each diamond is small and round in shape with a SI-GH quality and approximately 0.67 carats. There are five amethyst used to create the drop necklace. Each is oval in shape and about 2.18 carats. The purple amethyst necklace has a contemporary design and is made exclusively for women by skilled craftsmen of I Love Diamonds. The diamond strand and dangling amethyst necklace is made with modern women in mind.
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