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Highly regarded for its rare color combination of bluish purple, women have always found the tanzanite diamond earrings a wonder. Shopping for tanzanite earrings could be exciting at I Love Diamonds due to the finest range of collection studded with diamond and embossed in gold.

Speak The Language Of Gemstone With Tanzanite Earring Marvels

Tanzanite has a significant value attached to it considering the superior quality of the gem. The stone is available in vivid and velvety saturated shades of blue captivating to the eyes. The rare colors make the gemstone expensive and to it add some glittering diamonds you have a stealer. The reason for the attractive color is the trichoism. The crystal comes in three colors when seen in different directions making it extra special. The blue and purple shades dance in harmony creating a depth for the jewel. However, large tanzanite gemstones offer more saturated colors. Order these marvelous dangling wonders and be a fashionista.

Handpicked Finest Quality Tanzanite Gemstone Earrings For The Cream Of The Crop

Order the exclusive diamond earrings studded with tanzanite stones to make it a rare piece in your jewelry collection. The vivacious purple tanzanite earrings speaks a hundred words. The jewel comes in varied sizes, shapes and shade of bluish purple to meet your color needs. Tanzanite gemstone earrings are student in 18k gold diamond earrings. The stone looks magical when studded in 18k white gold diamond earrings. The color of the stone is so intense that it can transform the appearance of the diamond and gemstone earrings.

Specialty Of Purple Gemstone Diamond Earrings

Tanzanite was found in Tanzania and hence its name. The gemstone was discovered in the year 1969 and was named by Tiffany & Co. The gemstone is extremely a rare possession and is found only in Merelani in Tanzania, in the foot hills of Kilimanjaro. The twilight gem is a gift for the African continent, considered to be the birthplace of humankind. The Tanzanite stone is the birthstone for December born people and can be gifted for 24th anniversary. The color of the stone gets intense when set in gold. The gemstone should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. Clean it with mild soap and soft brush to remove any dust.
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