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Marquise make the most unique of all the diamond shapes. Made oval with two pointed ends, they are the most sought after shape in diamond jewelry. Though it is more often used in rings, marquise diamond earrings make stunning pieces. They come in several forms like studs, flower and drops.

It’s Time To Own At Least A Pair Of Marquise Cut Diamond Earrings

A marquise diamond earring is a must have in your collection simply because they are absolutely exquisite. It is said that energy flows in both directions in these marquise pieces and that is why they are so unique. ‘I love diamonds” has an impressive range of marquise diamond stud earrings to choose from. Its Sudoku Square Earrings, Magnificent Marquise Earrings, Sparkling Silver Mist earrings and Pretty Paula are some of the best sellers in the collection. These marquise cut diamond stud earrings come in beautiful cuts and a glistening shine that are bound to captivate hearts.

Marquise Diamond Studs Look Bigger!

Yes, diamond marquise earrings look bigger than other diamond cuts because of its unique shape. A marquise shaped diamond will look bigger than other shapes of diamond of the same weight. The other names of this shape of diamond are boat cut, naiveté, and football shaped. It comprises of 56 facets. Named after the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, it was first initiated in 18th century in France. This cut is now used for gemstones as well. This kind of diamond has the following parts – belly, point, wing, girdle and keel line.

No Dearth Of Designs

If you are planning to buy diamond marquise earrings, you can try either a marquise diamond flower earrings, marquise diamond drop earrings or marquise diamond earrings studs. Rather it will be a good idea to have all three in your collection. Even for gifting purposes these make stunning gifts. Marquise spells eternal romance, pristine brilliance and alluring dazzle. Each of the earrings at “I love diamond’s” marquise collection comes exclusively and very aesthetically designed. Therefore when you buy from this collection, you are not only buying a classic diamond cut but you also getting a uniquely designed earring that has these beauties encrusted on it.
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