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Soothing Green Gems With Diamonds

If only gems could speak a language, but indeed they do! Green epitomizes flourish – flourishing life, abundance, creativity, life and freshness. The very purpose to wear green is to breathe life into any environment. Its the same warm, happy feeling you derive out of gazing at some beautiful indoor plants and creepers that decorate your homes and your gardens. Green is a beautiful color, especially adorning you, the woman, as a piece of precious jewelry. If you were planning to wear a green gown or any attire, a pair of matching green earrings would complete the look in total aplomb. Since green is a direct representation of nature, it has a soothing effect to the eye. Try the different green quartz and diamond combinations that I Love Diamonds has in store for you!

Plush Green And Scintillating Diamonds Make a Powerful Combination!

Green not only symbolizes abundance, it also is an epitome of feminine power. Green has a fantastic contrast associated with it –it can be controlled, tamed and beautiful like a well-manicured lawn or have the tempest and fury of the wilderness of a magnificent forest, or maybe a combination of both, quiet on the surface and deeply wild on the inside. A pair of green stone earrings in stellar combinations with diamonds makes for a powerful, heady, irresistible piece of jewelry too good to miss out on. All you now need to do is dab on an alluring perfume and you’re on your way to sweeping everyone off their feet!

Your Very Own Green Gemstone & Diamond Earrings!

A green topaz engraved into the heart of a design motif can do wonders in terms of bringing in variety and a dash of color to your earrings. I Love Diamonds incorporates this into its very best patterns for you. If you love the shade of green topaz don’t miss the Octogonal Brilliance Earrings or some floral, fresh appearance with the Crowned Flora Earrings and Poised Peacock Jhumkas, a touch of modern day elegance with Mystic Topaz Earrings or Princess Tiana earrings for some quiet sophistication. Go on and indulge your senses and do avail all the lovely offers only at I Love Diamonds!
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  • Majesty's Favorite Earrings
  • Quad Queen Earrings
  • Cat Eye Earrings
  • Evergreen Gardenia Earrings
  • Double-sided Diagonal Dazzle Earrings
  • Budding Baalis in Green
  • Flower Power Earrings
  • Valuable Verdant Earrings
  • Garden Square Earrings
  • Opulent Olive Earrings
  • Arabian Night Star Earrings
  • Rain Drop Earrings
  • Green Flower Drop Earrings
  • Soft Gold Maple Earring
  • Zeleny Zara Earrings
  • Green Haze Earrings


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