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The most beautiful and popular of diamond shapes, the round cut diamond bracelet is made into gorgeous designs fit for royalty

The most popular of diamond shapes is the round cut and I Love Diamonds leaves no stones un-turned to churn out the best of designs. The fine mechanics of the round shape make it superior to all other fancy shapes. The maximum reflection of light gives optimal brightness making it the most sparkling of all diamond shapes. This favorite diamond shape has 57-58 facets. The brilliant round diamond shape started becoming popular during the year 1919 when ‘Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond’, a thesis by Marcel Tolkowsky was published. The thesis describes in great detail the ideal proportions of a diamond that is round cut for maximum brilliance (light return) and fire (dispersion). Since the 1919, the original specification of Tolkowsky has been improved with advancement of technology. 75% of all diamond sales in the world are the brilliant round cut diamonds. What makes them so sought after? It is the excellent sparkle that exhibits scintillation, brilliance and fire that other cuts can seldom match.

It takes a whole village to create something as stunningly gorgeous as a round diamond bracelet.

. Every diamond on the bracelet and the bracelet its self has a long story of fine manufacturing to tell. I Love Diamonds has strict standards when it comes to ethically sourcing it’s naturally mined diamonds. The designs are gorgeous works of art that are carefully done keeping in mind the potentiality of daily use. The round cut diamond has a lot of the rough diamond lost during the cutting to make it into the beautifully brilliant piece it is. This takes more laborious work than any other diamond cut.

Wear perfection in all its brilliance when you pick up a round diamond bracelet from I Love diamonds

Round cut diamonds are versatile and this is why they compliment several different styles and settings. The round cut diamond is featured all across the bracelet category. You can find them studded in the bangle style, in the oval bracelet style and in the tennis bracelet style. Explore the alluring set of options, and listen to which one speaks to your heart!
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