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A purple gemstone diamond bracelet achieves the unique blend of passionate stimulation and still calmness

When you love passionately but are yet calm because of the confidence your love brings, then your color has got to be purple! I Love Diamonds brings to you a collection of gorgeous purple stone bracelets that speak loads of the lady who will wear it! The lovely color of purple has the mixture of stimulation from the color red and the soothing calmness of the color blue. This amazing dichotomy instantly sends out vibes of being mysterious! The color has also been a favourite of royals and is well liked by the eccentric kinds. This favourite color of adolescent girls is sure to be well appreciated by your young hearted lady. Purple is believed to be the lucky color of February born people, making diamond bracelet with purple color stone the best precious jewellery option for a February born birthday girl.

Purple stone on diamond bracelet is the perfect everyday wear for a spiritual lady

The Sahasrara or the crown chakra that is located on top of the head is liked to the nervous system, the brain and is a representative of pure thought. The chakra here is believed to connect one to the infinite consciousness. This chakra has a purple aura and that is how purple is connected to spirituality. The color purple is believed to easily uplift a person’s consciousness while gradually calming the nerves and mind. It even offers a sense of spirituality. If you are the kind of lady who has always been the kind to look within for answers, then adorn your outer-self with precious jewellery that in a way, assists your quest.

A distinguished position and wealth is perfectly symbolized by a purple gemstone diamond bracelet

The diamond bracelets with purple stone are fashioned in 18K gold with diamonds studded in lightweight designs that are perfect for everyday wear. These bracelets, though lighweight can even easily brighten up a grand evening gown. Steer away from the cliche yellow gold bangle for daily use and chose to wear the color of your heart decorated in diamonds instead!
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