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The best of the square cuts, the princess cut diamond bracelets have a fiery sparkle to make you look your sparkling best!

The princess cut diamond is the second most popular only after the round brilliant cut diamond. Princess cut diamond bracelets from I Love Diamonds have a very fairy tale princess like feel about them. Let us look into some history of the lovely princess cut diamonds. The term ‘princess cut’ was initially used in relation to what was known as the ‘profile cut’ diamonds by a London cutter called Arpad in 1961. The term was later used by an Israeli diamond cutter called Itzkowitz in 1979 for a similar cut with lesser number of facets of only 49. After much optical research, the original princess cut diamond of 58 facets was furnished. The total number of chevrons make an impact on the overall look of a princess cut. The more the chevrons, the more the sparkle. The larger facets of the princess cut are divided into smaller facets that give the diamond a ‘crushed ice’ look. The princess cut diamond, as we know today was created by Betzalel Ambar in 1980. This cut has grown popular ever since and is especially used in jewellery connected to betrothal. Their flexibility make them a pleasure for our designers to work with.

Sparkle like the princess of dreams in the princess cut diamond tennis bracelet

The very first look of a princess cut diamond bracelet reminds you of fairy tales and fancy prose. The princess cut was developed with the intention of preserving maximum amount of rough diamond. This means - less wastage! And as far as you, the customer are concerned, you get a better price for the number of carats than for any other cuts.

The princess cut diamond bracelets reflects light most beautifully, giving everything you expect from a diamond and more!

A princess cut diamond has more facets than any other squarish cut diamond and is closer to the brilliant round cut giving it maximum sparkle and fire. Delight yourself when you look through the supremely attractive collection of princess cut diamond bracelets.
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