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The asymmetrical shape of pear diamond bracelet is as uniquely beautiful as you!

When you are known to be a unique person and are looked up for your unique sense of style, you will have to maintain this image even when it comes to your diamonds. I Love Diamonds presents the most gorgeous designs in the pear diamond bracelet collection. The pretty pear shaped diamond used in the 18K gold bracelets are also called ‘teardrop diamonds’ owing to its teardrop shape. This lovely cut is a beautiful combination of the marquise cut and the round brilliant cut. It is an interesting variation of the Brilliant round cut having its one end in a tapering point and the other end rounded. The pear cut diamond tends to add length to the hands of the wearer because of its elongated shape.

The immediate air of sophistication that a pear shaped diamond bracelet can add to your look is something unbeatable.

This attractive cut of diamond owes its touch of sophistication of the simple or elaborate settings to its elegant lines. The pear shaped diamonds at I Love Diamonds have a well calculated depth - neither too shallow nor too deep; this is carefully done in order to avoid the bow-tie effect, a light reflection defect common in fancy shaped diamonds. The pear shape silhouette is its signature and an irresistible one at that! The appealing shape is beautifully set in charming designs - some combined with other shapes of diamonds to make it an interesting poetry of precious settings. These bracelets with the specially cut diamond make it look ceremonious and are a befitting wear for special occasions.

Known for their timeless elegance and brilliance, the pear cut in a pear diamond bracelet is sure to be one of your most loved possessions!

When you yearn to want something unique when it comes to diamonds, then getting a diamond bracelet in a fancy cut can be a classy option. These bracelets are also perfect anniversary gifts that will be cherished forever! Look through the collection here and take a pick from the many stunning designs and you can be sure, it will remain your favorite always!
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