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Allow the spectacular luster of a marquise diamond bracelet to captivate your heart forever

The marquise cut diamond is almost always compared to the hull of a tiny boat in terms of the shape. It’s elegance is more akin to modern taste. The marquise diamond bracelet from I Love Diamonds is perfectly suited for the modern lady of today. The narrow shape of the diamond requires intelligent design and setting to enhance it’s beauty. The diamond features a shape with pointed tips and an elongated body. The sleek cut gives the added benefit of looking bigger than diamonds of same carat weight in other cuts. This lovely long shape of the diamond also makes for an incredibly flattering shape that makes the hands look longer.

The eye-catching beauty of marquise diamond tennis bracelet is enough to arrest just anyone’s gaze

This unique shape of marquise has a story that is just as unique. This shape was first cut during the 18th century. It was especially ordered to be cut for King Louis XV who had commissioned a diamond that looked like the shape of the lips of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadou, Jean Antoinette Poisson. The name of the cut is also derived from its regal beginnings since this cut diamonds were often worn by the courtiers. The term, ‘marquise’ means a hereditary rank that lies between the count and the duke. Having about 56-58 facets, the marquise diamonds have a flattering sparkle and shape that speak volumes of its royal origins. This close association with bold declarations of love and sophistication have helped this attractive cut achieve a stage of modern day popularity. Several celebrities have adorned the marquise shaped diamonds for their engagements.

Modern and sophisticated, the sleek sparkling look of a marquise diamond bracelet is perfect for the modern lady!

! The quality of the sharp points of these diamonds lend it it’s quality of brilliance. This is why the choice of a marquise cut diamond needs careful consideration. A Marquise cut diamond bracelet is sure to make a unique gift. Take a closer look at the lovely collection and get ready to be amazed!
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