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  1. Gemstone Type: Remove This Item Kashmir Blue Topaz

The gorgeous blue tone of the kashmir blue topaz diamond bracelet reminds you of the Himalayan heaven of Kashmir.

The exotic kashmir blue topaz diamond bracelets from I Love Diamonds are exquisite in every sense of the term! The gemstones are carefully made and studded in designs that compliment and exaggerate the gemstone’s presence in the jewellery piece. The blue topaz is believed to bless the wearer with strong mental prowess. The comforting tone of blue is known to help with channelizing our thoughts to promote clear perspective and concentration. Wearing this gorgeous piece of jewellery is not just a visual stunner but also is believed to make the wearer an effective communicator. This is what makes it also a perfect office wear, not just in terms of its healing powers but also in terms of it being light weight.

The mountains, glaciers and tinkling cool waters - this is where the kashmir blue topaz diamond bracelet takes you when you put one o

The lovely blue topaz bracelets have a surprisingly calming effect on the wearer. The blue topaz also symbolizes clarity of feelings, strong emotional attachment and honesty. It is also closely associated with love and loyalty making it the best gift to represent eternal romance. When you gift a kashmir blue topaz diamond bracelet, it means its a clear signal for your intention for a committed romantic relationship. Blue topaz is the birth stone for December born people and this makes it a great birthday gift option! This gemstone is also a chosen one for gifting for the 19th and 4th wedding anniversaries.

The dramatic and deep blue of kashmir blue topaz diamond bracelet adds just the right amount of drama to your already strong presence.

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