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Get back to the basics with classic diamond bracelets that are everything on their own!

With several styles and designs made available all around, the choice can get rather overwhelming. I Love Diamonds brings your focus back to the basics when it comes to diamond bracelet designs. The classic designs are elegant, beautiful, eye catching and sophisticated. It is elegance that makes you remembered more than any other physical virtue - make it worth the while with elegant designs in diamonds. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, wearing gold on the wrist is believed to help increase blood circulation and retain positive vibrations of the body. When it comes to gifting jewellery, a bracelet is one of the best. This classic piece of adornment is easy to wear and instantly adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Classic diamond bracelets are so versatile, they go with any style of clothing

Bracelets are the kind of jewellery that can go with just about any style of clothing. They can go well with casuals and the very same piece can make a perfect accessory for a formal party. The classic range of diamond bracelets at I Love Diamonds are lightweight and therefore perfect for daily use. The range includes tennis bracelets (the flexible kinds), oval bracelets and bangles. For daily use, the simple single line of diamonds studded in a gold setting are perfect for the modern girl who mostly wears sharp cuts and bold styles. If you would like something more elaborate, then the classic style also includes bracelets with filigree or cutwork in 18K gold studded with abundant amount of diamonds.

Get the classic best - make your once in a lifetime diamond bracelet buy worth it!

A diamond bracelet is a valuable piece of jewellery and being so, it would certainly require a good amount of contemplation before purchase. But at I Love Diamonds, you can shop worry-free because all our diamonds are certified, the designs are versatile, and the workmanship is perfect. The size guide provides a simple and easy to help you pick the right size when you place an order. Go ahead, indulge in classic beauty when you click buy!
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  • The Intertwined Bracelet

    Regular Price: 60,728


  • Dazzling Dream Bracelet

    Regular Price: 57,222


  • Filigree Fantasy Bracelet

    Regular Price: 68,077


  • Locked Embrace Bracelet

    Regular Price: 76,931


  • Pink Tinsel Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,812


  • Committed Love Diamonds

    Regular Price: 83,317


  • A Tale of Two Pearls Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,382


  • Night Queen Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,09,958


  • Simple Jane Bangle

    Regular Price: 90,739


  • Portia's Passion in White Gold

    Regular Price: 79,092


  • Red Square Bracelet

    Regular Price: 50,726


  • Eligere Eva in Red Bangle

    Regular Price: 98,980


  • Bianca Beauty Bangle

    Regular Price: 1,09,394


  • Portia's Passion in Pink Gold

    Regular Price: 78,616


  • Together Forever Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,55,631


  • Majestic Metro Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,26,658


  • Trailing Comet Bracelet

    Regular Price: 77,082


  • Pretty Pickerel Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,10,129


  • Eligere Eva Bangle

    Regular Price: 98,980


  • Gold Tinsel Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,812


  • White Tinsel Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,812


  • Portia's Passion in Yellow Gold

    Regular Price: 79,085


  • Smitten by the Green Bug Bracelet

    Regular Price: 56,650


  • Green Square Bracelet

    Regular Price: 51,124


  • Ethereal Eva Bracelet

    Regular Price: 69,135



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