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The beauty of Citrine is best enhanced when teamed with diamonds in citrine diamond bracelets

The warm yellow tone of citrine makes it simply charming in the most irresistible way! I Love Diamonds uses this lovey gemstone as center stones in its diamond bracelet designs. Citrine has always been a popular choice of gemstone for several thousand years and would also be valued because of its rarity. Today, they are more commonly available than they used to be yet they continue to charm just as they always did! Citrine is basically yellow colored quartz. Georg Bauer, a German metallurgist discovered its rare qualities about 450 years back and named it ‘citrine’, derived from the french term ‘citron’ meaning lemon. The Romans of ancient times would use it for jewellery of intricate designs. They gained instant popularity during the famous Art Deco period between the 1st and 2nd Word Wars in the 19th century. They were abundantly used in jewellery pieces even for celebrities. The earthy tone of the gemstone is preferred by ladies of matured taste. When combined with diamonds, the citrine only sparkles more with added brilliance making it look like an adornment from heaven!

The favorite combination of celebrities - citrine and diamonds now available in the citrine diamond bracelet from I Love Diamonds

Citrine bracelet meanings go beyond just aesthetic appeal. They are used as feng shui citrine wealth bracelets because they are believed to attract wealth to he wearer. The gemstone is also believed to aid in healing kidney, digestion related diseases. Citrine gemstone is also believed to counteract the ill effects of pharmaceutical medicines. This beautiful gemstone is also known to balance hormones and remove physical exhaustion.

Find energy giving citrine gloriously combined with sparkling diamonds perfect for party wear

Citrine studded diamond bracelets here are mostly in the oval designs made in 18K gold. These bracelets make for great party wear that can brighten up just any style of clothing. The specialty of cirtine diamond bracelets is that they are also excellent day time wear pieces. Just one look at these bracelets is sure to take you instantly into a diamond dream!
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