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Charm your lady with the vibrant and dazzling red gemstone studded to make a blazing red topaz diamond bracelet

Topaz is a gemstone that is much loved across the world. I Love Diamonds makes use of this fiery and beautiful red gemstone in its collection of bracelets in charming designs. Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit term, ‘tapas’ meaning fire. This well used gemstone was first discovered in Germany in the year 1737. Topaz come in a number of colors but blazing red is the most rare of all colors making it the most sought after and valued. This fiery color has a deep hue that has its beauty enhanced when teamed with shimmering diamonds.

The incredibly rare blazing red topaz in a blazing red topaz diamond bracelet has a sensuous, intense red color that speaks volumes of your passionate love

The blazing red topaz is seen as an enduring symbol of deep affection and love. Wearing the gemstone is known to assure in long lasting friendship and removal of any kind of negative emotions. In terms of history, the red topaz was viewed by the Egyptians as the ‘gem of the sun’ believing that the blazing hue was blessed by their Sun God, Ra. The red topaz was traditionally worn on the arm to shield one from any kind of harm. The red topaz was also thought to have healing powers. The Greeks of ancient times believed that blazing red topaz helped with boosting of physical stamina. Romans believed that wearing red topaz would improve their eye sight. This lovely gemstone also finds an honorable mention in the Bible where it is referred t as the ‘stone of fire’ and was one of the 12 gemstones that was placed in Jerusalem’s city walls’ foundation.

The deeper the red, the deeper the love; the blazing red topaz diamond bracelet is a luxurious way to express passionate love

The blazing red topaz is the birth stone for people born in November and therefore it makes for the perfect birthday gift for a November born lady. The diamond and red topaz bracelet collection is simple stunning, tempting you to the level of haunting!
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