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Get the prized gem studded with precious diamonds in Amethyst diamond bracelet

Breathtaking genuine amethyst and diamond bracelet in gold from I Love Diamonds is a grand vision of beauty with every move of your wrist. The amethyst has been a greatly prized gemstone for several centuries. It is the birthstone for the February born and for Pisces. This is what makes an amethyst and diamond bracelet the most apt birthday gift for your Pisces lady. The amethyst is a traditional gift for the 6th wedding anniversary, making it perfect for a very specific and well thought out anniversary gift. The gemstone holds a place of pride in almost all royal collections of the world - be it the British crown jewels or the ancient Egyptian jewellery. Even if other gemstones like ruby hold a higher value today, the amethyst was well valued and recognized much more in the past. In fact it was valued just as much as diamonds! Doesn’t that make it a befitting gemstone to be encrusted among diamonds? The amethyst also held special spiritual value as it was worn by the Bishops, symbolizing Christ.

A gorgeous amethyst and diamond bracelet adds a sparkling and classy touch to your evening celebration

These diamonds and amethyst bracelets for women are also a perfect expression of eternal love because Saint Valentine was known to wear an antique amethyst carved with the image of cupid. The term amethyst means ‘sober’. The amethyst is believed to instill a sober state of mind in the wearer. The amethyst gemstone is the only gemstone that has been given only positive attributes all through history and world cultures. The stone is known to encourage bravery and contemplation in the heart of the wearer.

The young, the yuppy, the royal and the quirky - everyone’s favorite rolled into one, the amethyst diamond bracelet

The ancients even believed that the gemstone could assist visions and prophecy. In several cultures amethyst healing bracelets are worn to ward off diseases. The amethyst and diamond bracelets at I Love Diamonds are beautifully crafted with the amethyst as center stone and diamonds studded all around. If it’s royal style jewellery you are looking for, look no further!
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