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The soft jangle of bangles is considered an auspicious sound in India, akin to ringing a temple bell. I Love Diamonds recreates this auditory stimulus in a stunning range of diamond bangles and bracelets that are a treat for the eyes and the ears. Diamond Bracelets And Bangles That Come With A Historical Significance
Diamond Bracelets And Bangles That Come With A Historical Significance
The historical use of bracelets is as old as time itself. While bangles have almost exclusively utilized in the Indian subcontinent since the days of Mohenjo-Daro, bracelets have been used for more than 7000 years. In fact, there have been copious mentions of the ornaments throughout early texts in the Bible and the Koran, and several stone deities have been unearthed in archeological sites which show the use of bangles. Those that actually survived the ravage of time are from the age of the Egyptians, who used them as ornaments, a practice still followed today. Initially, bracelets were used to garner blessings from the Gods and to protect the wearer from the evil eye. Certain clans also made use of coloured bracelets to signify the marital status of the wearer. Choose From Chunky, Funky Bracelets or Delicately Embellished Bangles
Choose From Chunky, Funky Bracelets or Delicately Embellished Bangles
There is a distinct difference in how bangles and bracelets are worn. Bangles lean more towards ethnic jewellery than bracelets. Whether they are large, bejeweled statement pieces of jewellery worn alone or bracketing colourful glass bangles, these gorgeous collections from I Love Diamonds are prefect for a sangeet or a traditional wedding ceremony. Bracelets, though not to be outdone by bangles, are a more universal design. More fluidly designed than the rigid bangles, they come in a variety of designs that are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis and more glamorous designs to spruce up your outfit for special occasions. There are three kinds of bracelets available – the traditionally worn gold and diamond bracelet, diamond cuff bracelet and diamond tennis bracelet. Like a majority of jewellery at I Love Diamonds, these bangles and bracelets come in a choice of traditional yellow gold, or pink or white gold – chances are you can have your pick of a base metal for any specific design There is also a distinct difference between the diamond bracelet for women and those for men. While it was traditionally appropriate for both genders to wear both bangles and bracelets, diamond bracelets for men have become something of a rarity as more men tend to prefer plainer gold styles or go without altogether. For the discerning man who throws convention to the winds, I Love Diamonds has a host of bracelets and bangles with just the right amount of masculinity to make the overall style look effortless. Glorify Your Hands With Bewitching Bracelets And Beguiling Bangles
Glorify Your Hands With Bewitching Bracelets And Beguiling Bangles
Picking the right diamond arm jewellery is quite a feat in itself and I Love Diamonds helps bear this burden buy offering one of the largest selections of bangles and bracelets online. Simply browse through the products, choose the design you want in the required size and pay – it’s that simple. Customers can rest assured that the jewellery they receive has passed through stringent quality checks and comes with a certificate of authentication for diamonds and precious gems.
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  • The Intertwined Bracelet

    Regular Price: 60,881


  • Dazzling Dream Bracelet

    Regular Price: 57,325


  • Filigree Fantasy Bracelet

    Regular Price: 68,211


  • Locked Embrace Bracelet

    Regular Price: 77,093


  • Dream Daisy in Yellow Gold Bracelet

    Regular Price: 78,668


  • Pink Tinsel Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,960


  • Committed Love Diamonds

    Regular Price: 83,467


  • A Tale of Two Pearls Bracelet

    Regular Price: 80,560


  • Captivating Red Comet Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,06,328


  • Night Queen Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,10,174


  • Celebration Citrine Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,14,163


  • Royale Blue Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,17,317


  • Bejeweled Bugle Bracelet

    Regular Price: 1,18,715


  • Simple Jane Bangle

    Regular Price: 90,843


  • Portia's Passion in White Gold

    Regular Price: 79,212


  • The Green Connect Bracelet

    Regular Price: 79,027


  • Virtuous Verdant Bracelet

    Regular Price: 78,370


  • Pearl of Wisdom Bracelet

    Regular Price: 70,746


  • Attractive Opposites Bracelet

    Regular Price: 68,241


  • Crimson Cluster Bracelet

    Regular Price: 69,999


  • Forest Flora Bracelet

    Regular Price: 69,682


  • Fraternal Bond Bracelet

    Regular Price: 57,406


  • Dazzling Delta Bracelet

    Regular Price: 51,997


  • Celestial Eclipse Bracelet

    Regular Price: 44,734


  • Red Square Bracelet

    Regular Price: 50,786


  • Elliptic Elegance Bracelet

    Regular Price: 49,702


  • Eligere Eva in Red Bangle

    Regular Price: 99,232


  • Bianca Beauty Bangle

    Regular Price: 1,09,561



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