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Caring For Jewellery

Jewellery cleaning is the practice of removing dirt from jewellery to improve its appearance. There are a number of things owners can do to prevent build up of dirt and prevent jewellery from becoming tarnished.

  • Store jewellery carefully in its original packaging or in a jewellery box

  • Avoid exposing jewellery to harsh chemicals or perfumes as this could cause damage and discoloration

  • Avoid wearing jewellery when using household cleansers

  • Sweat can result in a grimy build up on jewellery, this can be removed by cleaning jewellery using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush

  • Avoid exposing jewellery to hair spray, cosmetics or lotions as this can tarnish or discolour the jewellery

  • Stone settings can become loose over time, especially if they have hit against a hard surface or snagged on clothing


Although it is not one of the 4 C’s, cleanliness affects a diamond's beauty as much as any of the 4 C's [Cut, Carat, Colour & Clarity].

  • A clean diamond is more brilliant and fiery compared to a dirty diamond

  • Water, dirt or grease on the top or bottom of a diamond interfere with the diamond's brilliance and fire