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I Love Diamonds creates jewellery with only 18 Kt hallmarked gold. With diamond studded in pink, yellow and white gold, sparkling and outshining the crowd has never been easier. The wide variety of diamond and gold jewellery at our online shopping portal is sure to dazzle you.

Stuffed Toy Shaped Gold Jewellery From ILD

Gifting stuff toys is almost a tradition. We gift them to our children and we even gift them to the people we fall in love with when we our young. A stuffed toy somehow symbolise the cuddly, warm feeling of the person we love. To turn this tangible feeling of love into gold jewellery, I Love Diamonds created a whole collection of teddy bear styled diamond jewellery. This stuffed toy inspired jewellery is made of only yellow gold. The purity of the gold is always at a standard of 18 karats. We added a touch of diamond to the teddy bear shaped jewellery to give the collection a sparkle.

18kt Gold Teddy Bear Gifts For Children

These 18kt gold teddy bear pendants make for perfect gift on the birthday of a young boy or girl. Children find stuffed toys a gift of fun and love. Therefore we recommend our patrons to gift children our teddy bear pendant collection on birthdays and small occasions. We offer a number of designs, to ensure that the teddy bear styled gold pendants have an exclusive feel to it. One of the children’s diamond pendant we offer comes with a huge teddy bear face along with a bow tie. The tie and the nose are studded with a round cut blemish free diamond.

Low Price, Diamond Studded Teddy Bears

We understand that gifting children gold jewellery cannot be too expensive as they tend to face a lot of wear and tear due to the rough and tumble life kids lead. To appreciate this concern the teddy bear jewel gifts we created and showcase on our online shopping portal come with a very affordable and reasonable price. The best part about shopping for real diamond jewellery gifts at I Love Diamonds is that we don’t add a massive making charge.
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  • Twinkling Teddy Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,274


  • Cute Koala Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,020


  • Huggy Bear Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,274


  • Mischievous Mickey Pendant

    Regular Price: 6,677


  • Loving Lulu Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,519


  • Jocular Jack Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 6,219


  • Teddy Fred Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,022


  • Precious Panda Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,470


  • Loving Teddy Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,675


  • Kind Koala Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,550


  • Smiley Boy Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 6,985


  • Smiley Girl Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,857


  • Happy Huckleberry Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 4,124


  • Tom Sawyer Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 4,884


  • Grateful Gretle Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,026


  • Innocent Love Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,026



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